About us

Scandinavian Condition Monitoring Technology Group (SCMTgroup) was founded to concentrate on the development, construction and  condition monitoring maintenance technologies export from Sweden. We make an excellent contribution towards safety, reliability and cost-efficiency.

Tremendous capacity

SCMTgroup is known for high performance and inspiration in areas of technology, quality and sustainability. We perceive new requirements and apply solutions for cost-efficient condition monitoring and various maintenance strategies such as prognostic and diagnostic.



SCMTgroup stands for global condition monitoring systems. This fact, as well as our great motivation, enables us to develop monitoring systems and machinery that perform with the highest quality. Precision, accuracy and cost-efficiency are our key values to deliver best solutions to new requirements.


SCMTgroup is known for dedication to development of innovative-efficient ideas and their compatibility with industrial requirements. We provide the circumstances for reliability of our products and their availability to ensure that industries have excellent experience on applying our solutions for cost-efficiency maintenance and decision-making on maintenance strategies.


SCMTgroup staff members with high technical skills and innovative perspective, spirit up the motivation to provide the most efficient condition to further improve their skills, flexibility and strengthen their sense of responsibility and commitment. Additionally, we have given great attention to staff safety and health in both areas of life style and working condition. This will enable us to meet the market requirement and reach high quality services.  Monitoring and assessment will be carried out regularly to ensure compliance with the company policy. Continuous staff members training in the respective fields ensures the required level of qualification.

Environment & awareness

SCMTgroup stands for sustainability and commitment for environmental requirements. Such duty comes with responsible use of natural resources and surrounding environment. We stand for environmental compatibility, ecological awareness and use of Eco-friendly technologies in all areas of production and operation.